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Returns the plural form of the passed in word. Can also pluralize a word based on a value passed to the count argument. CFWheels stores a list of words that are the same in both singular and plural form (e.g. "equipment", "information") and words that don't follow the regular pluralization rules (e.g. "child" / "children", "foot" / "feet"). Use get("uncountables") / set("uncountables", newList) and get("irregulars") / set("irregulars", newList) to modify them to suit your needs.

Name Type Required Default Description
word string Yes The word to pluralize.
count numeric No -1 Pluralization will occur when this value is not 1.
returnCount boolean No true Will return count prepended to the pluralization when true and count is not -1.
// Pluralize a word, will result in "people" 

// Pluralize based on the count passed in 
Your search returned #pluralize(word="person", count=users.RecordCount)#

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