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Configuration Routing struct mapper

Create a route that matches a URL requiring an HTTP PUT method. We recommend using this matcher to expose actions that update database records. This method is provided as a convenience for when you really need to support the PUT verb; consider using the patch matcher instead of this one.

Name Type Required Default Description
name string No Camel-case name of route to reference when build links and form actions (e.g., blogPost).
pattern string No Overrides the URL pattern that will match the route. The default value is a dasherized version of name (e.g., a name of blogPost generates a pattern of blog-post).
to string No Set controller##action combination to map the route to. You may use either this argument or a combination of controller and action.
controller string No Map the route to a given controller. This must be passed along with the action argument.
action string No Map the route to a given action within the controller. This must be passed along with the controller argument.
package string No Indicates a subfolder that the controller will be referenced from (but not added to the URL pattern). For example, if you set this to admin, the controller will be located at admin/YourController.cfc, but the URL path will not contain admin/.
on string No If this route is within a nested resource, you can set this argument to member or collection. A member route contains a reference to the resource's key, while a collection route does not.
redirect string No Redirect via 302 to this URL when this route is matched. Has precedence over controller/action. Use either an absolute link like /about/, or a full canonical link.
// Route name: ghostStory
// Example URL: /ghosts/666/stories/616
// Controller: Stories
// Action: update
.put(name="ghostStory", pattern="ghosts/[ghostKey]/stories/[key]", to="stories##update")
// Route name: goblins
// Example URL: /goblins
// Controller: Goblins
// Action: update
.put(name="goblins", controller="goblins", action="update")
// Route name: heartbeat
// Example URL: /heartbeat
// Controller: Sessions
// Action: update
.put(name="heartbeat", to="sessions##update")
// Route name: usersPreferences
// Example URL: /preferences
// Controller: users.Preferences
// Action: update
.put(name="preferences", to="preferences##update", package="users")
// Route name: orderShipment
// Example URL: /shipments/5432
// Controller: orders.Shipments
// Action: update
// Example scoping within a nested resource
.resources(name="subscribers", nested=true)
// Route name: launchSubscribers
// Example URL: /subscribers/3209/launch
// Controller: Subscribers
// Action: launch
.put(name="launch", to="subscribers##update", on="collection")
// Route name: discontinueSubscriber
// Example URL: /subscribers/2251/discontinue
// Controller: Subscribers
// Action: discontinue
.put(name="discontinue", to="subscribers##discontinue", on="member")

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