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Migrator Migration Functions TableDefinition migration

Creates a table definition object to store table properties Only available in a migration CFC

Name Type Required Default Description
name string Yes The name of the table to create
force boolean No false whether to drop the table before creating it
id boolean No true Whether to create a default primarykey or not
primaryKey string No id Name of the primary key field to create
// Example: create a users table
t = createTable(name='users'); 
	t.string(columnNames='firstname,lastname', default='', null=false, limit=50);
	t.string(columnNames='email', default='', null=false, limit=255); 
	t.string(columnNames='passwordHash', default='', null=true, limit=500);
	t.string(columnNames='passwordResetToken,verificationToken', default='', null=true, limit=500);
	t.boolean(columnNames='passwordChangeRequired,verified', default=false); 
	t.datetime(columnNames='passwordResetTokenAt,passwordResetAt,loggedinAt', default='', null=true); 
	t.integer(columnNames='roleid', default=0, null=false, limit=3);

// Example: Create a table with a different Primary Key
t = createTable(name='tokens', id=false);
	t.primaryKey(name='id', null=false, type="string", limit=35 );
	t.datetime(columnNames="expiresAt", null=false);
	t.integer(columnNames='requests', default=0, null=false);

// Example: Create a Join Table with composite primary keys
t = createTable(name='userkintins', id=false); 
	t.primaryKey(name="userid", null=false, limit=11);
	t.primaryKey(name='profileid', type="string", limit=11 );  

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