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View Helpers Form Association Functions boolean controller

Used as a shortcut to check if the specified IDs are a part of the main form object. This method should only be used for hasMany associations.

Name Type Required Default Description
objectName string Yes Name of the variable containing the parent object to represent with this form field.
association string Yes Name of the association set in the parent object to represent with this form field.
keys string Yes Primary keys associated with this form field. Note that these keys should be listed in the order that they appear in the database table.
// Check to see if the customer is subscribed to the Swimsuit Edition. Note that the order of the `keys` argument should match the order of the `customerid` and `publicationid` columns in the `subscriptions` join table
if(!includedInObject(objectName="customer", association="subscriptions", keys="#customer.key()#,")){

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