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Controller Configuration Functions void controller

Used within a controller's config() function to specify controller- or action-specific layouts.

Name Type Required Default Description
template string Yes Name of the layout template or function name you want to use.
ajax string No Name of the layout template you want to use for AJAX requests.
except string No List of actions that should not get the layout.
only string No List of actions that should only get the layout.
useDefault boolean No true When specifying conditions or a function, pass in true to use the default layout.cfm if none of the conditions are met.
// We want this layout to be used as the default throughout the 
// entire controller, except for the `myAjax` action. 
usesLayout(template="myLayout", except="myAjax"); 

// Use a custom layout for these actions but use the default 
// `layout.cfm` for the rest. 
usesLayout(template="myLayout", only="termsOfService,shippingPolicy"); 

// Define a custom function to decide which layout to display.
// The `setLayout` function should return the name of the layout 
// to use or `true` to use the default one. 

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