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Model Class Delete Functions boolean model

Finds the record with the supplied key and deletes it. Returns true on successful deletion of the row, false otherwise.

Name Type Required Default Description
key any Yes Primary key value(s) of the record to fetch. Separate with comma if passing in multiple primary key values. Accepts a string, list, or a numeric value.
reload boolean No false Set to true to force CFWheels to query the database even though an identical query for this model may have been run in the same request. (The default in CFWheels is to get the second query from the model's request-level cache.)
transaction string No [runtime expression] Set this to commit to update the database, rollback to run all the database queries but not commit them, or none to skip transaction handling altogether.
callbacks boolean No true Set to false to disable callbacks for this method.
includeSoftDeletes boolean No false Set to true to include soft-deleted records in the queries that this method runs.
softDelete boolean No true Set to false to permanently delete a record, even if it has a soft delete column.
// Delete the user with the primary key value of `1`.
result = model("user").deleteByKey(1);

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