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Controller Configuration Functions void controller

Tells CFWheels to cache one or more actions.

Name Type Required Default Description
action string No Action(s) to cache. This argument is also aliased as actions.
time numeric No 60 Minutes to cache the action(s) for.
static boolean No false Set to true to tell CFWheels that this is a static page and that it can skip running the controller filters (before and after filters set on actions). Please note that the onSessionStart and onRequestStart events still execute though.
appendToKey string No List of variables to be evaluated at runtime and included in the cache key so that content can be cached separately.
// Cache the `termsOfUse` action.

// Cache the `termsOfUse` action for 30 minutes.
caches(actions="browseByUser, browseByTitle", time=30);

// Cache the `termsOfUse` and `codeOfConduct` actions, including their filters.
caches(actions="termsOfUse, codeOfConduct", static=true);

// Cache content separately based on region.
caches(action="home", key="request.region");

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