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Controller Rendering Functions any controller

Instructs the controller to render the data passed in to the format that is requested. If the format requested is json or xml, CFWheels will transform the data into that format automatically. For other formats (or to override the automatic formatting), you can also create a view template in this format: nameofaction.xml.cfm, nameofaction.json.cfm, nameofaction.pdf.cfm, etc.

Name Type Required Default Description
data any Yes Data to format and render.
controller string No [runtime expression] Controller to include the view page for.
action string No [runtime expression] Action to include the view page for.
template string No A specific template to render. Prefix with a leading slash (/) if you need to build a path from the root views folder.
layout any No The layout to wrap the content in. Prefix with a leading slash (/) if you need to build a path from the root views folder. Pass false to not load a layout at all.
cache any No Number of minutes to cache the content for.
returnAs string No Set to string to return the result instead of automatically sending it to the client.
hideDebugInformation boolean No false Set to true to hide the debug information at the end of the output. This is useful, for example, when you're testing XML output in an environment where the global setting for showDebugInformation is true.
status string No [runtime expression] Force request to return with specific HTTP status code.
// This will provide the formats defined in the `config()` function.
products = model("product").findAll();

// Provide a 403 status code for a json response (for example)
	"status" : "Error",
	"message": "Not Authenticated"
renderWith(data=msg, status=403)

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