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Creates an internal URL based on supplied arguments.

Name Type Required Default Description
route string No Name of a route that you have configured in config/routes.cfm.
controller string No Name of the controller to include in the URL.
action string No Name of the action to include in the URL.
key any No Key(s) to include in the URL.
params string No Any additional parameters to be set in the query string (example: wheels=cool&x=y). Please note that CFWheels uses the & and = characters to split the parameters and encode them properly for you. However, if you need to pass in & or = as part of the value, then you need to encode them (and only them), example: a=cats%26dogs%3Dtrouble!&b=1.
anchor string No Sets an anchor name to be appended to the path.
onlyPath boolean No true If true, returns only the relative URL (no protocol, host name or port).
host string No Set this to override the current host.
protocol string No Set this to override the current protocol.
port numeric No 0 Set this to override the current port number.
encode boolean No true Encode URL parameters using EncodeForURL(). Please note that this does not make the string safe for placement in HTML attributes, for that you need to wrap the result in EncodeForHtmlAttribute() or use linkTo(), startFormTag() etc instead.
<!--- Create the URL for the `logOut` action on the `account` controller, typically resulting in `/account/log-out` --->
#urlFor(controller="account", action="logOut")#

<!--- Create a URL with an anchor set on it --->
#urlFor(action="comments", anchor="comment10")#

<!--- Create a URL based on a route called `products`, which expects params for `categorySlug` and `productSlug` --->
#urlFor(route="product", categorySlug="accessories", productSlug="battery-charger")#

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