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Model Configuration Association Functions void model

Sets up a hasMany association between this model and the specified one.

Name Type Required Default Description
name string Yes Gives the association a name that you refer to when working with the association (in the include argument to findAll, to name one example).
modelName string No Name of associated model (usually not needed if you follow CFWheels conventions because the model name will be deduced from the name argument).
foreignKey string No Foreign key property name (usually not needed if you follow CFWheels conventions since the foreign key name will be deduced from the name argument).
joinKey string No Column name to join to if not the primary key (usually not needed if you follow CFWheels conventions since the join key will be the table's primary key/keys).
joinType string No outer Use to set the join type when joining associated tables. Possible values are inner (for INNER JOIN) and outer (for LEFT OUTER JOIN).
dependent string No false Defines how to handle dependent model objects when you delete an object from this model. delete / deleteAll deletes the record(s) (deleteAll bypasses object instantiation). remove / removeAll sets the forein key field(s) to NULL (removeAll bypasses object instantiation).
shortcut string No Set this argument to create an additional dynamic method that gets the object(s) from the other side of a many-to-many association.
through string No [runtime expression] Set this argument if you need to override CFWheels conventions when using the shortcut argument. Accepts a list of two association names representing the chain from the opposite side of the many-to-many relationship to this model.
// Specify that instances of this model has many comments (the table for the associated model, not the current, should have the foreign key set on it).

// Specify that this model (let's call it `reader` in this case) has many subscriptions and setup a shortcut to the `publication` model (useful when dealing with many-to-many relationships).
hasMany(name="subscriptions", shortcut="publications");

// Automatically delete all associated `comments` whenever this object is deleted.
hasMany(name="comments", dependent="deleteAll");

// When not following CFWheels naming conventions for associations, it can get complex to define how a `shortcut` works.
// In this example, we are naming our `shortcut` differently than the actual model's name.

// In the models/Customer.cfc `config()` method.
hasMany(name="subscriptions", shortcut="magazines", through="publication,subscriptions");

// In the models/Subscription.cfc `config()` method.

// In the models/Publication `config()` method.

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