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Model Class Miscellaneous Functions any model

Runs the specified method within a single database transaction.

Name Type Required Default Description
method string Yes Model method to run.
transaction string No commit Set this to commit to update the database, rollback to run all the database queries but not commit them, or none to skip transaction handling altogether.
isolation string No read_committed Isolation level to be passed through to the cftransaction tag. See your CFML engine's documentation for more details about cftransaction's isolation attribute.
// This is the method to be run inside a transaction.
public boolean function transferFunds(required any personFrom, required any personTo, required numeric amount) {
	if (arguments.personFrom.withdraw(arguments.amount) && arguments.personTo.deposit(arguments.amount)) {
		return true;
	} else {
		return false;

local.david = model("Person").findOneByName("David");
local.mary = model("Person").findOneByName("Mary");
invokeWithTransaction(method="transferFunds", personFrom=local.david, personTo=local.mary, amount=100);

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