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Model Configuration Miscellaneous Functions void model

Allows for nested objects, structs, and arrays to be set from params and other generated data.

Name Type Required Default Description
association string No The association (or list of associations) you want to allow to be set through the params. This argument is also aliased as associations.
autoSave boolean No true Whether to save the association(s) when the parent object is saved.
allowDelete boolean No false Set this to true to tell CFWheels to look for the property _delete in your model. If present and set to a value that evaluates to true, the model will be deleted when saving the parent.
sortProperty string No Set this to a property on the object that you would like to sort by. The property should be numeric, should start with 1, and should be consecutive. Only valid with hasMany associations.
rejectIfBlank string No A list of properties that should not be blank. If any of the properties are blank, any CRUD operations will be rejected.
// In `models/User.cfc`, allow for `groupEntitlements` to be saved and deleted through the `user` object.
function config(){
	nestedProperties(association="groupEntitlements", allowDelete=true);

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