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Model Configuration Miscellaneous Functions void model

Use this method to map an object property to either a table column with a different name than the property or to a SQL expression. You only need to use this method when you want to override the default object relational mapping that CFWheels performs.

Name Type Required Default Description
name string Yes The name that you want to use for the column or SQL function result in the CFML code.
column string No The name of the column in the database table to map the property to.
sql string No An SQL expression to use to calculate the property value.
label string No A custom label for this property to be referenced in the interface and error messages.
defaultValue string No A default value for this property.
select boolean No true Whether to include this property by default in SELECT statements
dataType string No char Specify the column dataType for this property
automaticValidations boolean No Enable / disable automatic validations for this property.
// Tell Wheels that when we are referring to `firstName` in the CFML code, it should translate to the `STR_USERS_FNAME` column when interacting with the database instead of the default (which would be the `firstname` column)
property(name="firstName", column="STR_USERS_FNAME");

// Tell Wheels that when we are referring to `fullName` in the CFML code, it should concatenate the `STR_USERS_FNAME` and `STR_USERS_LNAME` columns
property(name="fullName", sql="STR_USERS_FNAME + ' ' + STR_USERS_LNAME");

// Tell Wheels that when displaying error messages or labels for form fields, we want to use `First name(s)` as the label for the `STR_USERS_FNAME` column
property(name="firstName", label="First name(s)");

// Tell Wheels that when creating new objects, we want them to be auto-populated with a `firstName` property of value `Dave`
property(name="firstName", defaultValue="Dave");

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